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Cost: FREE
When: April 16, 2022
Time: 10:00 am
Instructor: Call’s Staff



Drip Irrigation systems consists of plastic pipes with emitters that deliver water directly to plants. These types of systems are great for water-efficient landscapes as water goes directly to the plants roots & is not wasted on areas that do not need to be watered. Drip irrigation can be used to water shrubs, trees, perennials, annuals & even vegetable gardens & potted plants. Benefits of drip systems include:

• Minimizes disease by minimizing water contact with plant parts
• Avoids watering soil in between plants, thus reducing water use & weed growth
• Saves time, money, & water due to higher efficiency
• Increases effectiveness on uneven ground
• Reduces leaching of water & nutrients below root zone
• Maintains a desirable balance of air & water in the soil
• Provides a more even soil moisture than the often wet-to-dry fluctuations of sprinklers


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